High Tech Chelsea Home is helping People with ALS Live Longer

Leonard Florence Center for Living in Chelsea, MA places people who’ve been diagnosed with one the most cruel and debilitating diseases known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The residents living with these diseases are living a longer and more meaningful lives than ever thought possible. The place is wired with computers that help residents do things their hands can’t do. The individual components of the system are off-the -shelf stuff and just need Wi-Fi and a browser to function. Patients who are able to move their heads are able to aim at an infrared dot on the wall that lets them call for elevators and doors.  For residents who can’t move their heads, they’re able to send commands with just small eye movements. Theres two floors dedicated to ALS members, with 10 beds on each floor. Each floor has a common pristine kitchen, long woodblock dining table, living room area with a complete electric fire place. Residents are able to control the lights, window shades, thermostat, TV and home theater, and any electric devices like a fan directly from their computer screens. CEO Barry Berman says he wants residents to be treated with dignity. Due to the quality care given to the residents, they’re able to live well beyond their prognoses. To read more more about Leonard Florence center and one of the residents, Steve Sailing personal experience at the facility click here.

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