New Markets Tax Credit Consulting

New Market Tax Credits are an exciting tool that catalyzes economic development in Low-Income communities. Affirmative Investments is an active participant in the New Market Tax Credit world as a Community Development Entity (CDE), a financial and real estate consultant to sponsors and and as a consultant to other Community Development Entities. Affirmative has helped close 90 transactions that have channeled more than $1 billion in NMTC Allocation. Ranging from inner-city supermarkets to manufacturing facilities to charter schools. Click here to learn more about some of our projects.

Affirmative Investments can help sponsors think about the feasibility of New Markets Tax Credit projects and help sponsors access credits in a very competitive marketplace. Affirmative can help structure New Markets investments and has extensive experience with several other financing programs that can work together with New Markets, including Historic Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds, and Charter School Financing.

With its own CDE, AI Wainwright LLC, Affirmative can make New Market Tax Credit loans.

To learn more about how New Markets Tax Credits work, you can explore our interactive guide. If you think that New Markets Tax Credits could be right for your project, contact David Scheltz, New Markets Tax Credit Senior Vice President, at 617-367-4300 or to find out how we can help.