Housing Development

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Inclusive housing options are critical for creating vibrant neighborhoods and ensuring that everyone can access services and live with dignity. Since our founding, Affirmative has been working with communities to make this possible.

Our strengths include:

  • Urban Infill projects
  • Affordable housing for families and active elders
  • Assisted living communities for the elderly
  • Service-enriched housing for the homeless and people with mental and physical challenges

In our work, we are helping to build communities that will last for generations. Affirmative has significant experience using the latest in green technologies to ensure sustainability.

The Process:

We work with clients including nonprofits, developers and local governments on projects from start to finish. Deals can vary greatly, but in a typical deal we can manage the following components.

Affirmative brings experience to every step of this process, starting with establishing a financial structure that will work for your organization. We have expertise in using creative finances that leverage private, public and tax credit funding. With these strategies, Affirmative has undertaken the financing and development of $850 million of affordable housing nationwide, representing over 6,000 units.


Affirmative Investments has been recognized for its work in affordable housing by a wide range of organizations including the Sierra Club, for Manchester by the Sea, and by the National Building Museum for Auburn Court.

For more information on how we can help you, contact Tara Mizrahi, Vice-President, at 617-367-4300 or tmizrahi@affirmativeinvestments.com.