AI Wainwright Advisory Board

AI Wainwright, LLC serves as Affirmative Investments' Community Development Entity (CDE) through which we invest in projects in low-income neighborhoods. The AI Wainwright Advisory Board is the supportive body that helps to identify projects for our investment pipeline. The advisory board is composed of members who represent various communities in which we work.

Advisory Board Members:

  • Gregg Croteau, Executive Director, United Teen Equality Center
  • Lyndia Downie, Executive Director, Pine Street In
  • Pam Feingold, Senior VP of Community Development Lending, Eastern Bank
  • Sue Joss, Chief Executive Officer, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
  • Shawn Luther, Asset Manager, LISC
  • Michael Mullin, Executive Director, Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development
  • Eric Novak, President, of Praxis Consulting Group
  • Jeanne Pinado, Executive Director, Madison Park CDC
  • Robert Rubinstein, Executive Director, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
  • Wanda Speight, Senior Vice President, PIDC
  • Larry Swanson, Executive Director, ACTION Housing Inc.