Harmon Apartments 36-unit complex gives “freedom” to adults with disabilities

(Dorchester, MA 5/7/19) Mayor Martin Walsh attends the ribbon cutting for Harmon Apartments. (Mayor’s Office Photo by John Wilcox)


The Boston Home and City officials celebrated the unveiling of a more than $18 million housing project that provides support for adults with disabilities on mixed incomes — an initiative associated with increased housing goals from Mayor Martin Walsh, who said more attention needs to be geared toward the disabled community.

“It allows people to live with freedom,” Walsh told the Herald after a ribbon-cutting of the units at the Harmon Apartments on Dorchester Avenue. “It’s really built for people to live independently and we really have to try to do more of this in the city if we can. Instead of being in nursing homes, we should try and strive to get more people into these places.”

The project was completed by co-developers The Boston Home and Affirmative Investments. It was funded by the City of Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, MassHousing, Capital One Bank, National Equity Fund and The Boston Home.

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