Community Servings study shows medically tailored meals reduce healthcare costs

A new study published by the journal Health Affairs, Community Servings medically tailored meals reduce healthcare cost by 16 percent. Funded by the AARP foundation and undertaken in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital and the community-based health plan Commonwealth Care Alliance, are the first to demonstrate how providing made-from- scratch, medically tailored meals to critically and chronically ill individuals can lead to fewer costly emergency department visits and hospital admissions. CEO of Community Servings said, “this rigorous study reinforces our belief that there is significant potential for improved health outcomes and cost savings in health plans cover medically tailored meals for patients with complex health issues”. In the last five years Community Servings has experienced a 40% growth in the demand for their medically tailored meals and often carries a waitlist of over 100 potential patients in need of meals. To learn more about Community Servings and read more on the Recipe for Health of Success click here.

A.I 2017 Project Closings

Affirmative closed a total of 15 projects in 2017:

1.Landfall Apartments (East Boston, MA) December 28, 2017

2. Mill 19 (Pittsburgh, PA)
December 21, 2017

3. East Ohio St. Hotel (Pittsburgh, PA)
December 13, 2017

4. Mt. Pleasant Home (Jamaica Plain, MA)
November 30, 2017

5. EBNHC PACE (East Boston, MA)
October 12, 2017

6. High Line (Pittsburgh, PA)
September 30, 2017

7. School House Electric (Pittsburgh, MA)
Septermber 22, 2017

8. Artists for Humanity (South Boston, MA)September 20, 2017

9. Paris Village Apartments (East Boston, MA)
August 01, 2017

10. Harmon Apartments (Boston, MA)
June 23, 2017

11. Lincoln Park Senior (Darmouth, MA)May 10, 2017

12. South Coast Marketplace (Fall River, MA)
May 02, 2017

13. West End House Boys & Girls Club (Allston, MA)
April 04, 2017

14. Bartlett Place Building B (Boston, MA)
March 03, 2017

15. Womens Center & Shelter (Pittsburgh, PA)
March 01, 2017

Paris Village $14 Million Groundbreaking Celebration

Wednesday August 9, 2017- Mayor Martin J. Walsh joined East Boston Community Development Corporation, East Boston Residents, and local elected officials to celebrate the groundbreaking for Paris Village, a $14 million residential community that features 32 affordable apartments for working families in East Boston. Affirmative Investments assisted EBCDC Inc. as financial consultant, and structured the combination of Federal and State Low Income Housing Tax Credits, DHCD HOME funds, Housing Stabilization funds, AHT funds, City of Boston funds, and first mortgage. Mayor Walsh said, “I want to thank our partners for their work to make these homes possible”. To read and learn more about Paris Village Apartments, click here.

affirmative investments

City Celebrates groundbreaking of $15.4 Million Harmon Apartments

August 08, 2017- The Boston Home celebrated groundbreaking of its new 36 units of accessible, mixed-income independent housing with supportive services designed to promote independence for adults with significant disabilities. Mayor Martin J. Walsh, State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, local elected officials and members of the disability community were special attendees at the groundbreaking. Affirmative Investments is co-developers, with The Boston Home on the project. To read and learn more about Harmon Apartments click here.affirmative investment projects

UTEC Secret to Social Enterprise’s Success Springs from Old Mattresses

February 24, 2017- UTEC mattress recycling program services picks up, deconstructs and recycles mattresses from across northern New England. UTEC makes most of its money on the fees it charges for picking up old mattresses from hotels, towns and colleges, but its business model isn’t about saving matresses from landfills and incinerators. It’s about recycling the lives of young gang members and inmates who work there. UTEC has a commercial kitchen cafe, and a woodworking factory where young workers turn out cutting boards for Whole Foods. But everyone starts out in mattresses. With team work UTEC is able to tear through 25,000 mattresses a year. It’s estimated there are 30 youth gangs in Lowell area, with 1,500 members. UTEC sends out teams of gang-savvy street workers into jails to do outreach and encourage those with criminal records and troubled histories to join the social, educational and employment programs UTEC offers. To read more on UTEC’s mattress recycling program Click Here.

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A Home for Homeless Services

February 08, 2017- Affirmative Investments is helping Horizons for Homeless Children and Watermark Development secure and structure financing for a new seven-story building for social service agencies. The new construction 135,000 square feet build is slated for construction on Colombus Ave on the Roxbury/ Jamaica Plain line.

UTEC Community Kitchen nears completion

January 12, 2017- The UTEC Community Kitchen is the latest expansion of its food services social enterprise on Warren Street. The new 5,000-square-foot commercial-grade kitchen includes seperate work lines and equipment for food manufacturing. The kitchen will be available to rental users, so Lowell’s food entrepreneurs won’t have to travel outside the city for food-production space. Its design is intended for multiple users so that UTEC operations and other food businesses can share the space. Three groups will be able to work simultaneously in the kitchen, which has a versatile space with large ovens, fryers, mixers, processors, packing, and labeling equipmen, refrigerator and freezer space, dry storage space and more. Renovating the space and creating the kitchen was a $750,000 project funded mostly by grants and donations. To read more on UTEC’s Commuinity Kitchen Click Here.

UTEC Community Kitchen